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Empowering Your Next Step

Our Vision

Hub19 will become the source for career and innovation support in Dubois County.

Our Mission

Through our core principles, Hub19 will enhance prosperity in Dubois County by preparing our students for success, providing our teachers with innovation support, and partnering with local industries and businesses.

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6 Core Principles

1.) Every student is engaged in a relevant path to success.

2.) Students graduate high school ready for post-secondary and career success.

3.) Meaningful and ongoing collaboration occurs among schools, industry, and community.

4.) Teaching and learning are grounded in relevancy.

5.) PK - 12 schools are aligned around a common vision of student success.

6.) Schools embrace the significant role they play in achieving regional prosperity.

These core principles originated from Regional Opportunity Initiatives, Inc. Ready Schools Initiative

Where did we come from?

Hub19 is a career and innovation hub that is the outcome of the Dubois County Ready Schools Implementation Grant. It is a collaborative effort between the four county school corporations, Vincennes University Jasper, and industry partners.

Spring 2017

Regional Opportunity Initiatives, Inc. (ROI) awards Dubois County a 10 month Ready Schools Development Grant.

Fall 2017

Dubois County Ready Schools design teams begin moving through the 5 stages of the Design Thinking process.

Spring 2018

Dubois County Ready Schools design teams develop and submit an implementation plan and proposal.

Summer 2018

Regional Opportunity Initiatives, Inc. (ROI) awards Dubois County a 3 - 4 year Ready Schools Implementation Grant.

Fall 2018

Hub19 becomes a reality and with the support of an advisory council and a task force, begins implementing the strategies of the grant.